Valerie Jackson is a Butternuts resident who has worked extensively with Central NY food and food service.  She was the opening General Manager at the Ommegang Brew Pub and helped open Cafe Connection in Norwich, where she managed the kitchen. Valerie worked extensively with local farmers in conjunction with the Chenango Bounty project, as a local Slow Food leader, and has over 25 years experience working in food service, catering, and retail.

What's new ?

We are committed to continuing to provide Gilbertsville, Butternuts, and all our customers with the foods everyone has come to love along with a selection of exciting new options.


Laura Wilt is a California native and consulting partner to the new store.  A lifelong friend of Valerie, she is an accomplished chef, grocery manager and buyer. Laura has a special talent for organizing menus and stretching a food budget and is a fantastic gardener. She's fallen in love with our local area and hopes to relocate here with her family in the future.